Episode 13 Preview Up! i’m not crying you’re crying

So tomorrow’s the day…
Nagisa: Are you nervous, Rei-chan?
Rei: No, we’ve tried our best exactly for this day!
Sousuke: Really…doing something completely reckless like that…
Rin: Hey hey~ but it was totally worth the recklessness!
Ama-Sensei: What do you mean by “you found it?” Ah, I see so it’s like that!
Makoto: Let’s go, everyone’s waiting!


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video free! eternal summer ep 13 preview

if anyone still happens to be upset over haru wanting to go pro

i’d love for you to read my response about the sentiment orz

i swear it’s not degrading, my response. i just think haru’s growth should be understood and celebrated rather than immediately interpreted as a force-fed development to the audience ^^

if you read it, and hopefully understand some of the fandom’s happiness, that’d be lovely! :D

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they’re seriously making Haru go pro I AM SO SAD

like, legit sad bc the first thing we learn about him is that he wants to be ordinary

and then they spend two seasons hammering home the fact that Haru doesn’t want to go pro and can’t handle the pressure but HAHA NOPE

one dip in the magical olympic pool of revelations and he does a 180°???


You have to wonder if it’s really surprising, though

True, being ordinary is the first thing we learn about what Haru wants to be. But that was, the very beginning—as in near opening moment of season one beginning.

But even in the same episode, just before challenging Rin:

About three years until I’m ordinary. I guess it couldn’t hurt to wait a little longer. — Haru, S1E1

And in the beginning of S2E1:

…this water has been tamed. It’s been defanged and neutered. For me…it’s not enough. — Haru, S2E1

Also, ‘two seasons hammering home the fact that Haru doesn’t want to go pro' is a generally unfounded statement, because for one, it’s never been said that Haru doesn’t want to go pro, nor has he ever said so.

It’s true he has never given an answer to any of the scouts that has contacted him, or the adulation he receives for his swimming, but that can’t be construed as him accepting as much as him refusing the possibility of going pro.

However, the being unable to ‘handle the pressure' can't be contested, since S2E9 was dedicated to his stress-induced dream from all the expectations around him to go pro, and his outburst at Rin.

But, again, what he screamed was

What dream? What future?…I don’t have any of that! — Haru, S2E9

That is neither Haru refusing nor accepting going pro—that is outright indecision. Aimlessness.

Again, you might argue that he told Makoto in S2E11 that he’s fine with the ways things are. But, honestly, let’s hope not, because it’s clear enough that his statement was born from blatant denial—a wish to escape impending reality, an impending choice. First in that scene he dismissed Nagisa and Rei’s heartfelt feelings and appreciation if Haru shared his swimming with the world, and then he desperately wanted to avoid Makoto from the confrontation that happened at the end of S2E11.

I think Makoto summed it up best:

If you truly want to stay as you are, I won’t say anything. But…if it’s just that you can’t find a dream for yourself, I…would want you to find one. — Makoto to Haru, S2E11

Now, this dream could be anything. But then as things escalate, Haru responds as such:

Where I swim and who I swim for, I’m free to decide that for myself! — HaruS2E11

Please note, Makoto never mentioned swimmingwhen he talked about the dream Haru could find. He could’ve been like Nagisa a few episodes back:

I think that [being able to become anything you want] goes more for you. I mean, you’re good with your hands, you can cook really well. You’re even good at drawing! You’re lucky, Haru-chan. You can do anything. — Nagisa to Haru, S2E5

Then at the end Nagisa tacks on: plus, you swim better than anyone. Even though Haru didn’t express vocal interest about going pro at that point (I say vocal because his eyes did the shimmering-shine at Nagisa’s support), when he bursts out at Makoto, that’s the point he brings up: swimming.

If you want more in-depth analysis of the hints of Haru going for pro swimming throughout season 2, I strongly recommend labratinspace's Olympic Haru posts—they cover a lot more than my impromptu response here does.

And, for the last line ‘one dip in the magical olympic pool of revelations and he does a 180°???’: maybe, but not exactly. Because throughout the season (as you can check through the linked posts), there have been many hints and symbols implying Haru’s road to professional swimming, some more subtle than others. So while he very much does go through a revelation, it’s not after one dip—it’s been piling.

This is why episode 12 was very important for Haru to realise his dreams: throughout his sudden trip, he gets to grips with the new home Rin made away from Iwatobi, away from Japan: learns of his struggles with the language barrier but also witnesses the warmth of Rin’s home-stay parents and how close they were just through seeing the home Rin stayed in.

While this is never said, it could be given that Haru realises the possibility that being away from home, Iwatobi (which is everything he knows, really) is not necessarily a bad thing—the love and support Rin received throughout his trip was visible. And it complements his bout of anxiety and near dizziness when Rin leaves him alone in a moment, in a completely foreign country—Haru was thrust into an entirely alien place, away from the things he’s familiar with, comfortable with. And over the course of the trip, through Haru’s pacing and footsteps gradually becoming tandem to Rin’s, Haru’s fear of the unknown can be seen as allayed.

Also, take the scene where Rin gives Haru a choice: the recreational pool, or the Olympic-sized pool. The link is worth reading.

And (admittedly, my favourite part of the scene) is that the person that comes up next to Haru is not Rin.

It’s some complete stranger, who’s preparing to swim.

loved that.


Think of Haru’s nightmare, of all the faceless people watching him, being alone on the blocks, cornered into falling, never-ending into the distant pool. He thought that’s what was waiting for him: complete suffocation, a total loss of his freedom, and thus his real will to swim.

But that blonde swimmer? Who’s on the national team, swimming for his country, possibly on the grand, international stage?

Greets Haru with a smile, and shoots off the block to swim.

And thatThat is it.

Suddenly, no one can say anymore oh it’s only Rin who inspires any will in Haru to swim on the grand stageIf Rin isn’t here, there would be no point.

Not anymore!

Haru realises that it’s okay. The man that stood next to him, who has probably, certainly spent his days swimming, training, performing in races. He was so relaxed.

What Haru wants is so simple, that I think that’s why people were going all like ‘wait what just happened literally nothing just happened and suddenly we get bishoujo Haru what

All Haru wants is to be free when he swims. He’s afraid that he’d lose his freedom. But he doesn’t know that fear from any experience, he just thinks it exists. In reality, when Rin brings him to such a large stage, and he sees for himself how relaxed this fellow swimmer is, the fellow swimmer who is clearly not anxious, tired, or caged in, that’s when he gets it.

So please, don’t be sad that Haru’s going pro vuv He’s found his dream, after all! :’D

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free! eternal summer haruka nanase important meta ep 12 i really want everyone to understand why people are so hapyp for haru *happy and why it's not so sudden and really should be celebrated!